Here are true stories written by parents. Read on to learn how Little Explorers Christian Montessori School has changed the lives of parents as well as children.


“…growing and thriving since day one”

My son has been at Little Explorers since the summer of 2009, he has been growing and thriving since day one. I am a Certified Montessori Teacher myself and know what a great Montessori program is like. Besides their knowledge and experience in Early Childhood and Montessori Education, Ms Sherry and Ms Cortnie have a passion for teaching, are extremely warm and care about each and every child. My son attended the preschool in which I work for 9 months but the commute took its toll on him and Little Explorers could not have opened at a better time for us. Communication is also an important factor and at Little Explorers, I am always informed about my child’s development, the teachers are warm, friendly and very approachable.

Narjis – Omar’s mom –


“…we compared Little Explorers to the other schools” – Michele and Andy

We are the proud parents of a 3 year old who will be starting preschool at Little Explorers this fall.  As he is our first child we are new to the preschool experience and had many questions when we started out.  We spent a good deal of time seeking out information to make what we felt would be the best decision for our son.  Throughout our research process we had two main considerations, quality of education and the safety of our child.  Regarding quality, we felt it was important the experiences our son would have at preschool should be challenging but also fun and engaging.  A Montessori education was of particular interest because the more we learned about different approaches the more we recognized the alignment of Montessori with our criteria for quality.

We found out about Little Explorers through recommendations from several other parents that already had their children enrolled at the school.  During our visit to the school we became convinced that it would provide the quality we looked for in a fun, safe, and caring environment.  More importantly, our son enjoyed interacting with the other kids and engaging in the activities available.  When we compared Little Explorers to the other schools we investigated, it was clearly the right fit for our son and us.

Michele and Andy


“Truly nurtures the whole child.”  – Kathy

Little Explorers truly nurtures the whole child.  I believe one of the best things about Montessori education is that it is unique for each child.  Its not a one size fits most curriculum like you find in public schools.  I have a son and a daughter, both who are very different in there educational needs.  I feel very blessed to have both Miss Sherry and Miss Cortnie to take care of my children.  I respect both of there opinions, and find there guidance in regards to my children educational needs to be positive and supportive.

Also, having my children aged 4 and 6 be able to attend school together has been an awesome experience.  I think it has nurtured there sibling experience.  Its funny I have been told you can’t tell that they are brother and sister in class, that they have independence from one another, which is nice.  I believe that because of this, they play well together at home.  I also believe that the way Montessori has the age groupings has allowed both of my children to learn how to interact and play with children younger, and older than themselves.  This works great in real world settings.

I can’t say enough nice things about Little Explorers and the teachers.  The education is top notch, the teachers are knowledgeable and supportive.  I know after I drop my children off at school that they are taken care of, heart, mind and spirit.

Matthew & Madelynn’s mom


“An Answer to Prayer”

My daughter Jacie had gone to the same babysitter since she was three months old. We loved her babysitter, but Jacie was getting older and needed more than just a babysitter. My son had attended a Christian Montessori school when he was younger and I really wished there was one closer that I could take Jacie too. I don’t recall if I prayed specifically for a Christian Montessori school, but I did trust that God would open up an opportunity for child care that would be what our family needed. About a month after I started thinking about what I would do with Jacie for the next school year I received a card in the mail advertising for Little Explorers Christian Montessori. I knew immediately this was our answer. Not only was it Montessori, it was Christian and within walking distance from my house! After meeting Sherry and see her with the children and hearing all the wonderful things everyone (including her brother-in-law) had to say about her I was hooked.

LECMS has been an answer to prayer. It is far better that I could have every imagined. All the teachers set the tone with their kind and loving attitudes towards the children and each other. Jacie has learned so much and made lots of wonderful friends.

I could not be more pleased with our LECMS experience!

— Michelle

“The best choice we ever made!”

One day, it hit us like a ton of bricks; we were no longer enough for Amber anymore. She needed to be with other kids and own her own day learning. She has grown up. ☹

So- off in the car we went. We stopped at a few schools, traditional, Christian, and Montessori. We knew that she needed to go part-time but for full days.

We walked into Ms. Sherry’s Little Explorers Christian Montessori School and knew- we were home. Amber walked in and never looked back. She had her own friends, in her own school, making her own choices, for her very own self! We got the choice of days and were able to tailor the tuition to our budget.

The best choice we ever made!
— Sue and Mike