Little Explorers Christian Montessori School Summer Explorers programs

 2017 Summer Session

Little Expolorers Christian Montessori School will be having their Summer Explorers Program this year at our new location in Highpoint Community’s Friendship Centre located at 175 Highpoint Drive in Romeoville.


Monday – Nature Day:  We will be exploring nature, eating the mulberries we get to pick, feeding the ducks, hunting insects & working in the garden.

Tuesday – Outdoor Creative Art and Games Day:  We will be using summer fun as our inspiration for our projects.  we will be making kites, stepping stones, lawn games- some to even bring home and more.

Wednesday – Water Day:  Come with your swimsuit and sun block already on and be ready for playing on the inflatable water slide and in the sprinkler and for messy projects.  The kid’s FAVORITE DAY of the week!

Thursday – Sand DayDon’t forget to wear your sun block to school so we can go right over to play in the sand.

Friday – Free Day:  Kids’ choice. Maybe we’ll go to the park or feed the ducks or roll down some hills or play in the sand or make more ice cream OR maybe we’ll do it all!


Session 1: June 12 – 16

To Infinity and Beyond

We will tour the Milky Way and beyond.  Children will even make our own planets to bring home!

Session 2:  June 19 – 23

Miracle of the Human Body

Children will explore the miracle of the human body.  Have you met Mr. Bones?

Session 3: June 26 – 30

Holiday Week

Each day will be a different holiday to celebrate. The kids will help choose the holidays to celebrate.

Session 4:  July 5 – July 7 (NO SCHOOL on July 3rd & 4th)

Red, White & Blue 

Children will explore the United States of America and its traditions.

Session 5:  July 10 – 14

Wild about Science

Children will use everything from chemistry & physics experiments to eggs & balloons to experience the science behind our lives.  Also, we will be creating some interesting edibles for the children to eat and maybe they will even bring some home.

Session 6:  July 17 – 21

Where the Wild Things Are

Children will explore the exciting world of the animal kingdom.  We will study animals from around the world, their homes and how they care for their young.

Session 7:  July 24 – 28

Children Around the World

Children will experience how children from other cultures live, have fun and what they eat.

Session 8: July 31 – Aug. 4

Kids’ Choice

We would like to give the kids the chance to choose the theme… It may be Superhero Week or Experiment Week or Jungle Week or Lego Week or Camping Week or all of the above. Let’s see what they say and we’ll let you know by July 10th.

2017 Summer Explorers Program Flyer