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Birthday Celebration Reminder

We have a Birthday Celebration for each child on or near their birthday. If a child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their half-birthday during the school year. This involves a ceremony of walking around the “sun” one time for each year of their life while the story of their life is told or a special song is sung. Also, there is the telling of the story “On the Day You Were Born” with a beautiful song and dance.  Of course, we sing “Happy Birthday”. The focus of this celebration will be for the birthday child to feel special and share that feeling with their friends.


Please remember to talk to your child’s teacher two weeks before your child’s birthday so you can discuss which day works best for the celebration and any restrictions your child’s class may have on treats. We want to make sure every child feels extra special on their birthday but if you do not talk to your child’s teacher, we cannot guarantee when we will be able to celebrate your child’s birthday.


The birthday child usually likes to bring in something to pass out to their friends on their birthday. They are very excited when they get to pass out something special to their friends. Your child is welcome to bring in edible treats that are individually wrapped so the other students can take them home to enjoy.  Due to allergies, we usually are unable to serve any treat in the classroom that comes from home.  Your child may bring in non-edible treats such as pencils, erasers, stickers or a treat bag instead of food though.  Please remember no peanut or tree nut products.  Please also do not send in cakes or cupcakes.  We will have to send these back home with your child if they are sent to school. 


Occasionally a parent wants to order pizza for lunch for their child’s class for their birthday. There is a pizza place in the area that we can use that is safe for our nut-allergy children. This would not be a party; just simply a special lunch for your child to share with their friends. If this is something you would like to do for your student, please talk to Miss Sherry.


Also, it is helpful if you can send in one or two pictures from each year of your child’s life for the telling of their story. This allows the birthday child to more easily share their life with their friends.


Birthday celebrations are usually done at 10:45am on your child’s birthday or the day predetermined with your child’s teacher. You may join us if you like. We will take pictures and sometimes a video that we will share with you as well.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.

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