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Show and Share

Hello Friends,


We will send home a Show and Share schedule with the date of your child’s turn once the children have settled into their classrooms for the new school year.


I wanted to clarify what is a “good” Show and Share item.  I want the children to start looking at things that are not toys as being important to them.  For most children it’s the toys that catch their attention and time.  Being able to think and find things they like and want to share that are not toys will broaden their understanding of what’s really important to them.  Also, I have found that the children will pick much more personal items to bring in such as pictures, books, music or projects they have created if they can not bring in toys.  For this reason I am asking that you not let them bring toys for their show and share. They will be very disappointed if they bring in a toy because we will have them leave it in their backpack.


  • They can bring in real-life looking animals, spiders, insects, or snakes but no stuffed animals. 

  • Other good items are music boxes or snow globes especially if they were given to them as a gift. But please send them well protected in a box with adequate padding.

  • Pictures of themselves, things they’ve done or accomplished, or their parents as children make for an awesome Show and Share. Just remember to put the pictures in a baggie or sheet protector to keep them safe from lunch box spills and dirty fingerprints.

  • Music is a great Show and Share because we will play the song in class and they can get some movement in, too. 

  • Books are great and if the story is the right length, we can read it at story time, too.

  • Another good option is anything they find outside such as interesting leaves, acorns, pine cones, an insect shell or interestingly shaped piece of bark, etc.

  • Coins, money, clothes, pictures or flags from other cultures are excellent choices, too.

  • Almost anything that has a story or history to it is a great idea. 


After reading the above list of options, you probably can see now why these items are more personal and educational than toys.


Thanks for your cooperation.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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