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General Information

We will need a copy of each child’s current immunization records and birth certificate. Additionally, proof of a dental exam is required for all kindergarteners and 2nd graders and proof of a vision exam is required for all kindergarteners. These are required by the first day of school.


These are requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education and we will need all documentation by the Parent Orientation.

This document is meant to cover only a moderate amount of information regarding your child attending Little Explorers Montessori School. Please read the Parent Handbook for more information on our policies and procedures. The Parent Handbook will be email to you after we receive your contract but can, also, be found online at our website:

I cannot stress this enough…PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON EVERYTHING YOU SEND TO SCHOOL FOR THEM. Your child often has similar things as the other children and cannot always recognize their own items.  We cannot be responsible for getting your child’s items back to you if they do not have a name on them.



Comfortable closed-toe shoes to wear to school.  No flip-flops, please. Your child should be able to put their shoes on and take them off without assistance….This really helps foster independence and self- confidence.


Please provide a pair of comfortable inside shoes for children to wear in class and leave at school. Please remember inside shoes should not have characters, lights or anything distracting on them. We had decided to use inside shoes this year instead of just socks as just socks can present a minor problem when we have an evacuation or fire drill. The biggest concern though is if the fire alarm is activated during the winter.


Backpack for bringing items to and from school that is large enough to fit a folder and lunchbox inside. Please provide a 2-pocket folder for the backpack. Please make sure your child’s name is visible from the top of the backpack or has a name tag attached on top.  After the 1st week of school, we will write their name on the backpack.        


Lunch box that fits easily inside a backpack.


  • Please use a thermos if your child prefers their food warm. We cannot heat up lunches.

  • Please make sure you label all containers and lids. We cannot be responsible for lost items.  No utensils will be needed.

  • FYI:   

    • No candy, fruit snacks, fruit roll-up type candy, gogurts or pop is allowed for lunch. 100% fruit leathers and container yogurt are a good choice though.

    • Please limit the times you send in a Lunchable for your child’s lunch. These are high in sodium and fat and have very little nutritional value.

    • We are asking that parents not send in any drinks for their children for lunch. Water and white milk will be provided at lunch time.

    • During lunch we “strongly” encourage the children to eat their protein first then their fruit/vegetable.  After that they may choose what to eat next.  Protein can be in the form of a sandwich with meat, cheese, cottage cheese, hummus, yogurt or even tofu (Yes,

    • some children like tofu.)  If you need help with ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask us. REMEMBER: No peanut butter or nuts (check granola bar ingredients.)  We will send a reminder home if these come to school.    


Spills and falls happen so please provide extra clothes. These should be sent in your child’s backpack on the 1st day of school in a 1-gallon Ziploc-like bag with each item LABELED WITH YOUR CHILD’S INITIALS. Since this bag will be left in their backpack, please remember to monitor and replace items as needed, especially when the season changes. We will send wet/dirty clothes home in a plastic bag tied to the handle of your child’s backpack with a note reminding you to replace the clothes in their backpack.


Children will need:

  • 1 pair of pants  

  • 1 shirt

  • 1 pair of underwear                

  • 3 pair of socks (PLEASE remember to label socks).


If your child is not potty trained, please provide at least 5 pull-ups a day in your child’s backpack. These will be left in your child’s bag and used as needed. Please remember to monitor and replace every day.


If your child is potty training, please provide 3 extra sets of clothes in their backpack every day and monitor and replenish every day.



We provide water throughout the day and a healthy snack that the children may have whenever they are hungry. We also provide water and milk at lunch time.


There are no toys allowed in school, so please have your children leave them in the car or at home. If a child brings a toy to school, it may have to be held in the office. The other option is it will have to be kept in the child’s back pack but this presents a big temptation challenge for them.



There will be a bin with a hanging folder in it for each family by the Montessori door. Please check this hanging folder each day for school correspondence.



We will discuss the arrival and dismissal procedures in detail at the Parent Orientation. They are also in the Parent Handbook.


It is Little Explorers’ policy that all 3 years olds at school full-day nap in the afternoon. After your child’s 4th birthday, it is up to you if your child should still nap in the afternoon. Daily napping is only allowed for 3-5 year olds.


If your child will be napping, we will provide you with a small bin and all nap items must fit neatly inside. This bin will be returned to you every Friday so you can wash your child’s items. Please remember to bring the bin and items back to school each Monday morning. Each napper will need a  small pillow, children’s blanket and sheet OR a sheet and children’s sleeping bag. Your child may also bring a “lovey” to sleep with during nap time. Please clearly label these items.


Each week we will have two snack families from each classroom. A schedule will be passed out after the school year begins.  When it is your family’s turn to bring in snack, we will provide you with a list of items to bring in. The total cost per family should be about $15 unless your child stays for afterschool or you have more than one child in the school; then your cost will be closer to $15-$17. You will receive your list by Wednesday in the prior week.  Please bring the items on the list in by the date on the form (this is usually the following Monday.)



Each week a family will get to take home the classroom laundry. This is an opportunity for the children to contribute to the care of their environment. It is mostly sponges, place mats, cloth napkins from lunch and towels. We ask, if at all possible, to allow your child to help with the washing and drying of the laundry.  Folding is not necessary because the children in the class like to help with that job.  Taking laundry home really does help build the child’s feeling of being part of their home and school community if they can help with this responsibility.  Children ask regularly if they can be the laundry family. 



We will be having Show-and-Share this year but not until mid-September. We would like to have the classroom normalized before starting this activity. Each week, four or five children in each class will be allowed to bring in something important from home to share with their friends. We will have a schedule ready in September so you will know in advance which week will be your child’s turn.



We have a Birthday Celebration for each child on or near their birthday. If a child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their half-birthday during the school year. We want to make sure every child feels extra special on their birthday so please remember to talk to your child’s teacher two weeks before your child’s birthday so we both have enough time to prepare.  The celebration involves a ceremony of walking around the “sun” one time for each year of their life.  Also, there is the telling of the story “On the Day You Were Born” with a beautiful song and dance. And, of course, we sing Happy Birthday.  If you can send in one or two pictures from each year of your child’s life for the telling of their story, that would be great. You are more than welcome to join us for their celebration time. It usually is at 10:45am – 11:10am. But talk to your child’s teacher to confirm the date and time.



One day a week in each classroom, Miss Michelle will be doing the Explore Program with the children in class. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn about God. You will probably hear a lot about the mystery box and the songs. Each week your child will bring home a flyer with what they learned and how you

can reinforce that learning at home if you choose. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the curriculum, please contact Miss Sherry.


Thank you very much for your cooperation. Your cooperation is vital to your child having a successful school experience.  We have such an amazing community of families and are so looking forward to this school year with your children.


The following information will need to be turned in by or at Parent Orientation on Sunday, Aug. 19th:

  • Enrollment Contract

  • Registration Fee

  • 1st month’s tuition for the 9 month contract, 1st month’s tuition for 10 month contract due by Aug. 1st.  The first month’s tuition will be considered late if it is turned in on Sept. 1st.

  • Emergency Contact Form/Allergies and Special Health Considerations Form

  • Prescribed or OTC Medication Authorization Form (if needed)         

  • EPI Pens (if needed)

  • Authorized Pick-Up/Drop-Off Form

  • Family Responsibility Form

  • Parent Interest Form

  • Parent/Family Questionnaire (New children only)

  • Family Info (New families only)

  • Birth Certificate

  • Up-to-date Immunization and Health Record

  • Vision Screening (Kindergarteners only)

  • Dental Screening (Kindergarteners and 2nd graders only).


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. 


Miss Sherry

Little Explorers Montessori School


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