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“An Answer to Prayer”

“An Answer to Prayer”

My daughter Jacie had gone to the same babysitter since she was three months old. We loved her babysitter, but Jacie was getting older and needed more than just a babysitter. My son had attended a Christian Montessori school when he was younger and I really wished there was one closer that I could take Jacie too. I don’t recall if I prayed specifically for a Christian Montessori school, but I did trust that God would open up an opportunity for child care that would be what our family needed. About a month after I started thinking about what I would do with Jacie for the next school year I received a card in the mail advertising for Little Explorers Christian Montessori. I knew immediately this was our answer. Not only was it Montessori, it was Christian and within walking distance from my house! After meeting Sherry and see her with the children and hearing all the wonderful things everyone (including her brother-in-law) had to say about her I was hooked.

LECMS has been an answer to prayer. It is far better that I could have every imagined. All the teachers set the tone with their kind and loving attitudes towards the children and each other. Jacie has learned so much and made lots of wonderful friends.

I could not be more pleased with our LECMS experience!

— Michelle

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